Zukunftsvision 2. Dez

Zukunftsvision 2. Dez

Zukunftsvision 2. Dezember, anonym:

Dear Anna,

I am so excited to write you! The science-witch of the village found out that it is possible to send letter to the past, so I am gonna send it to you in 2020! I hope you will receive it, because the science-witch told me that letters can sometimes get lost and end up in any website with positive future vibes. Would not be cool 😕

I hope it is not too weird for you to receive a letter from the future and that you are not scared or send to a psychiatric hospital. I heard that these things were happening at that time, that people would think you are crazy if you would hug a tree or chat with a pig… I can hardly imagine that.

Is it true that you give pieces of paper in the supermarket (is it the correct word?) and that you receive food wrapped in petrol in exchange? My mother told me it was the way everybody did. How weird… Didn´t the people of 2020 know that you can eat the plants around you? Sometimes the food was even coming from the other side of the planet with the airplane (do you know what it is? Did you still have them in 2020? It is like a suncycle but without photo-voltaic panels and you feed it with petrol until it starts to fly. I know, it is weird).

What is your totem? Mine is the earthworm, because I keep dreaming of them since I am a kid and also they always come to me in the forest. I think they like me and I feel proud of that. So as it is my totem, I represent them in the municipality when we have a meeting and I have to explain their point of view on new projects. It is an important responsibility but I want to participate in the Symbiocracy (yes,Glenn Albrecht became a real gourou in this world – you can check it out).
Some old adults feel weird about children having their words to say in the village´s decisions, but the Major, who is 18, always makes them remember that they almost destroyed our planet and that makes them very fast very quiet.

I hope I can send you very soon more news.
In the meanwhile, I hug you to my heart.


Zukunftsvision 2

Gemeinsam füllen wir einen Adventkalender der anderen Art, und jede/R, der/die möchte, kann dabei mitmachen: Von 1. bis 24. Dezember veröffentlichen wir auf facebook und unserer KULI-Homepage eure Beiträge einer Zukunft, die in Ordnung ist.Mehr Infos: https://www.kulturlandimpulse.at/vision-2030/

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